Splurging with the Pulse

Splurge is proud to announce that we will be featured on the newest episode of The Pulse, set to air on Monday September 26th at 3pm on Cox Channel 4, TWCSD 4, and Cox Channel 3 in both OC and LA.

 We had such a great time sitting down with Cindy Matalucci in her studio with camera crew and staff while she got to discuss with us all things that Splurge has to offer. From hair products to chocolate, champagne to cheese, what’s not to love? Even more excitingly, a new convenient gifting feature has been added with the latest update for the holiday season upon us.

 “With a tag line like, ‘Love It. Scan It. Buy It.’ all I can say is, “Sign me up!” said Cindy, both on and off air. She just couldn’t get enough of the fact that Splurge is simply about getting more of the things that you love, delivered straight to your door.

 We are so looking forward to the big day. Thank you to all who put hard work into the final product! Don’t forget to tune in to watch and for those who didn’t see the sneak peak on social media, here’s another chance:

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